Planting the Future SEED of Tomorrow:
The Next Generation of Plastics!

We are on a mission to significantly reduce the impact of global warming and climate change by employing sustainable innovations, biotechnology and green technology practice to produce biodegradable and compostable packaging products made from the waste rice.

Our Goals


Our products are made using sustainable, agro-waste and renewable resources and decompose organically within a few months.


Our products are harmless to humans and the environment.

Low Carbon Footprint

Our production methodology is sustainable and leaves a lower carbon footprint in the entire supply-chain, from cradle to cradle!

Our Range of Green Products

FMCG Products

Our range of food-on-the-go, food-on-the-shelf and beverage biodegradable packaging solutions are suited for grocery stores and supermarkets around the world, and won’t harm the environment. Thanks to its compostable breakdown technology !

Bio-Medical Products

Our range of Biodegradable Medical utensils prevents the bacterial contaminations risks to the medical frontliners and patients. In this COVID-19 pandemic crisis, our Single-Use and Throw disposables Urinal Containers, Kidney Trays, Bowls, Bedpans & etc. are the perfect solutions to mitigate the contagious disease contaminations! 

Bio-Industrial Products

A growing demand for sustainable solutions and ethically-produced goods is a shared concern amongst all of us and the environment, which is why our bio-industrial products are the perfect solution to reduce CO2 emissions, End-of-Life (EOL) compliances and meet your Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Our industrial packaging options can be customised for virtually any type of shipping and storage requirement for a range of product verticals.

From Waste to Wealth

Paddy farmers in Malaysia burn over 240,000 tonnes of paddy straw every year, which leads to significant CO2 emissions, destructive fires and an increase in global warming impacts.

We’ve pioneered a noble green initiative program, in line with the USA.

Cleantech Open’s, USA’s Global Environmental Foundation (GEF) and inspired by United National’s (UNIDO) Global Cleantech Innovation Programmes, we create a new life for the paddy farmers by turning their paddy waste into wealth and forming a strong partnership with the local paddy farmers, buying tonnes of rice straw at a fixed price and allowing them to earn up to 20% supplement to their income.

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